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General information about the Public Library:

The Public Library in Tarnowo Podgórne was established at the end of 1947. It is the only cultural institution serving the people continuously for ever 60 years. In 1947 the collection of books amounted to 900 pieces, while currently it comprises of over 60 000 items.

The Library runs its activity in four branches : the Main Library in Tarnowo Podgórne and
affiliates in Baranowo, Przeźmierowo and Lusowo. Apart from the statutory activities , the Library conducts  wide range of cultural and educational events such as meetings with
authors, lectures, competitions, exhibitions, etc.
Everyone is allowed to benefit from the Library’s collection after being introduced with the
internal regulations.
The books in Polish as well as  in English, French and German remain at the readers’ disposal.

In 2006 the Public Library in Tarnowo Podgórne   was granted “The Library – friendly to everyone” award by Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region for professionalism in gathering the
collection for readers.

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